workers’ compensation.



The practice of Workers’ Compensation law can be unique and complex.  At Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP we review each case on its own merits to devise a strategy to fit the claim and the client.  Our goal is to reduce our clients exposure in the most professional, fair and expeditious manner.  From the beginning of the claim, our experienced professionals have an objective and approach to keep the case moving forward to settlement.

Workers’ Compensation law is our primary business.  We have highly skilled, experienced and trained attorneys, lien resolution specialists and staff to handle all aspects of Workers’ Compensation law matters.  All GMK Partners and over half of our Associates are Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation.

Education and training is important to GMK.  We offer on-site training and webinars on a variety of topics for employers and claims professionals that fulfill continuing education hours.  To schedule a presentation in your office, please email our Firm Administrator, Joy Tolladay at

GMK is a statewide law firm handling cases in all California WCAB venues.  We are experts in:

  • Workers’ Compensation Law

  • Subrogation

  • Lien Resolution

  • Mediation

  • Defense of 132(a) discrimination

  • Serious and Willful Misconduct

  • Homeowners Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes

  • Appellate Practice

  • School Districts

  • Public Entities

  • Sports Litigation

  • Disability Retirement


At Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP, we have an experienced group handling Subrogation and Credit Rights cases.  GMK handles auto damage recovery and property damage recovery, but we specialize in workers’ compensation subrogation recovery for insurance companies and municipalities.  Our attorneys have received positive verdicts and negotiated favorable settlements in the recovery of dollars or credit rights for our clients.  GMK has found that there is significant benefits to our clients in having GMK handle both the workers’ compensation and subrogation file.   It creates a more cohesive exchange of information and it also provides the ability to strategize on resolving the workers’ compensation matters, third-party credit issues, and subrogation issues globally.  Our goal is to protect our clients and collect the maximum amount of recovery in the most economic way possible.

We work conscientiously on behalf of our clients to litigate against negligent third parties. Our legal team includes skilled litigators, expert negotiators and strong advocates for the right of recovery.  GMK clients appreciate the exceptional quality they receive on the services we provide.  GMK is known in the industry as being fair, knowledgeable and thorough in the investigation of subrogation.

Jeff Soll, a partner in the Woodland Hills office manages the GMK Subrogation Group.  Please contact Jeff Soll at (818) 755-0444 or  with subrogation or credit rights matters.

lien resolution.

The Lien Resolution Unit at Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP specializes in providing our clients with expert service in resolving medical and other liens prior to and after the case in chief has resolved.

Upon receipt of a client’s assignment, the Lien Resolution Unit provides the client with a detailed analysis of their lien liability exposure. The analysis includes a summary of the claim and a review of all known liens and bills.  The Lien Specialist provides settlement strategy and recommendations for the defense and resolution of each lien. GMK Lien Specialists vigorously defend, negotiate and if necessary litigate all unresolved lien claims.

Our proven lien litigation results have significantly reduced our clients’ reserves. The Attorneys and Lien Specialists in GMK’s Lien Resolution Unit also represent our clients with negotiation of liens on a global scale with numerous types of healthcare providers and vendors. Our success in this regard has been outstanding, literally saving our clients millions of dollars.

The goal of the Lien Resolution Unit at GMK is to make certain that all lien claimants prove up their lien by being held accountable to comply with all statutory, regulatory and case law mandates as a condition of settlement.

Please contact any GMK Lien Specialist or the Lien Resolution Unit Manager, Jodi Gamble at 818-755-0444 or for additional information on how GMK can resolve your liens.

mediation services.

GMK now offers Mediation Services to facilitate resolving workers’ compensation settlement disputes in a timely, cost effective and easier process than the court system.

Barbara Thompson, Esq. leads our Mediation Services Group and has a LLM degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Southern California.  Barbara has 30 years of experience in Workers’ Compensation Law and has served as an Applicant’s Attorney and as Defense Attorney, which gives her the best impartial perspective to bring resolution to all issues.  Barbara also has experience in employment law which is valuable in cases where there is a FEHA overlap.

The mediation conference is informal, confidential and privileged.  The mediator has no decision making authority, whereas, any agreement reached is due to the mutual consent of the parties.  The mediator will help identify issues, create bargaining proposals and conduct negotiations.

If you are looking for a quick workers’ compensation solution to resolve all issues fairly and in the least expensive way, try Mediation with Barbara Thompson.  Contact Barbara Thompson at the Woodland Hills office 818-755-0444 or   Barbara will mediate settlements for all WCAB venues.

consultant on major loss claims.

Do you have a Major Loss Case in your inventory that needs to be resolved so that reserves can be closed and the risk exposure gone?  GMK is offering a service to help you do just that. 

George Krikes, Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP is offering his expertise for resolution of Major Loss Cases in Workers’ Compensation as a consultant on files not being defended by Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP.

George, a Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, will analyze, evaluate and develop a strategy to help resolve your Major Loss Cases expeditiously.  George will create a written report that outlines a plan of action roadmap to bring the case to resolution.  The report will consist of:

  • Analysis of the claim to date

  • Risk Exposure to the client

  • Evaluation for settlement purposes

  • Plan of Action to include:

    • Additional Discovery items (if applicable)

    • Strategy for Negotiations

    • Innovative Settlements

    • Options and Recommendations for claim closure

George has been a Workers’ Compensation attorney for 38 years.  He is known in the industry for his knowledge, skill and capability to develop innovative ways to close claims.

Consultative fees will be determined depending on the complexity and length of the case.

Please contact Joy Tolladay if you are interested in securing the consultative services of George Krikes on Major Loss Cases.