At Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP, we have an experienced group handling Subrogation and Credit Rights cases.  GMK handles auto damage recovery and property damage recovery, but we specialize in workers’ compensation subrogation recovery for insurance companies and municipalities.  Our attorneys have received positive verdicts and negotiated favorable settlements in the recovery of dollars or credit rights for our clients.  GMK has found that there is significant benefits to our clients in having GMK handle both the workers’ compensation and subrogation file.   It creates a more cohesive exchange of information and it also provides the ability to strategize on resolving the workers’ compensation matters, third-party credit issues, and subrogation issues globally.  Our goal is to protect our clients and collect the maximum amount of recovery in the most economic way possible.

We work conscientiously on behalf of our clients to litigate against negligent third parties. Our legal team includes skilled litigators, expert negotiators and strong advocates for the right of recovery.  GMK clients appreciate the exceptional quality they receive on the services we provide.  GMK is known in the industry as being fair, knowledgeable and thorough in the investigation of subrogation.

Jeff Soll, a partner in the Woodland Hills office manages the GMK Subrogation Group.  Please contact Jeff Soll at (818) 755-0444 or  with subrogation or credit rights matters.