NLRA–NLRA notice posting requirement postponed until January 31, 2012

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has postponed the implementation date for the new NLRA notice to be posted by all employers within the jurisdiction of the NLRB (most private employers).

The new effective date for posting the notice is January 31, 2012.

Since this notice will in all likelihood be included in the “all-in-one” poster available from various vendors, most employers can just order a new “all-in-one” poster for 2012 and this requirement will be met.

Particularly (as noted in the September 22, 2011 GMK Alert) since there are lawsuits and legislation pending with regard to the rule requiring the posting of this notice, it is recommended that you wait until January before posting it.

For additional information on the NLRA and the poster requirements see the September 14, 2011 GMK Alert.