mediation services.



GMK now offers Mediation Services to facilitate resolving workers’ compensation settlement disputes in a timely, cost effective and easier process than the court system.

Barbara Thompson, Esq. leads our Mediation Services Group and has a LLM degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Southern California.  Barbara has 30 years of experience in Workers’ Compensation Law and has served as an Applicant’s Attorney and as Defense Attorney, which gives her the best impartial perspective to bring resolution to all issues.  Barbara also has experience in employment law which is valuable in cases where there is a FEHA overlap.

The mediation conference is informal, confidential and privileged.  The mediator has no decision making authority, whereas, any agreement reached is due to the mutual consent of the parties.  The mediator will help identify issues, create bargaining proposals and conduct negotiations.

If you are looking for a quick workers’ compensation solution to resolve all issues fairly and in the least expensive way, try Mediation with Barbara Thompson.  Contact Barbara Thompson at the Woodland Hills office 818-755-0444 or   Barbara will mediate settlements for all WCAB venues.