lien resolution.



The Lien Resolution Unit at Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP specializes in providing our clients with expert service in resolving medical and other liens prior to and after the case in chief has resolved.

Upon receipt of a client’s assignment, the Lien Resolution Unit provides the client with a detailed analysis of their lien liability exposure. The analysis includes a summary of the claim and a review of all known liens and bills.  The Lien Specialist provides settlement strategy and recommendations for the defense and resolution of each lien. GMK Lien Specialists vigorously defend, negotiate and if necessary litigate all unresolved lien claims.

Our proven lien litigation results have significantly reduced our clients’ reserves. The Attorneys and Lien Specialists in GMK’s Lien Resolution Unit also represent our clients with negotiation of liens on a global scale with numerous types of healthcare providers and vendors. Our success in this regard has been outstanding, literally saving our clients millions of dollars.

The goal of the Lien Resolution Unit at GMK is to make certain that all lien claimants prove up their lien by being held accountable to comply with all statutory, regulatory and case law mandates as a condition of settlement.

Please contact any GMK Lien Specialist or the Lien Resolution Unit Manager, Jodi Gamble at 818-755-0444 or for additional information on how GMK can resolve your liens.