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The purpose of this audit is to determine whether the employer provides leaves of absences in conformance with statutory requirements – particularly with regard to disability and discrimination issues. We review whether the employer has supplied the employee with required information regarding leaves of absences and whether employers have granted or denied time-off requests in compliance with state and federal regulations. The following are various documents, practices, and processes reviewed during this audit.

Employer Compliance
Written Policies/Employee Handbook
Federal Leaves of Absence Laws
Family Medical Leave Act [FMLA leave]
National Defense Authorization Act [Servicemember leave]
Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA- Reasonable Accommodation]
California Leave of Absence Laws
California Family Rights Act [CFRA leave]
Pregnancy Disability Leave
Fair Employment and Housing Act [FEHA – Reasonable Accommodation]
Other Leaves (statutorily mandated)
Spousal Military
Jury/Witness Duty
Voting Time
Victim of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
Crime Victims
Volunteer Firefighters, Emergency Rescue
  Personnel, Reserve Peace Officers
Occupational Disability [Workers’ Comp]
School Visits
Kin Care
Organ/Bone Marrow Donor
Discretionary Leaves
Mandated Benefits
State Disability Insurance
Paid Family Leave
Unemployment Insurance
Workers’ Compensation
Employee Request Form
Health Care Provider Certification
Other Certifications
Notice of Rights/Responsibilities
Designation Notice
Notice “A” or “B:
Number of Employees
Qualifying Event
Length of Leave
Reinstatement Rights
Company Policies
Employee Request Forms
Notice of Rights/Responsibilities
Designation Notice
Health Provider Certification
Other Certifications
Payroll Information
Dates/Hours of Leave
Premium Payments
Records of Disputes