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The purpose of this audit is to determine whether the employer hires employees in conformance with statutory requirements – particularly with regard to discrimination issues, privacy issues, and drug testing.  Once the employee is hired, we review whether the employer has properly completed I-9s and other required forms; whether the employer has provided the new employee with required information and has had the employee complete and sign appropriate documents; and generally if the employer has engaged in other activities to ensure that the new employee will become familiar with the surroundings, the culture of the workplace, and requirements of the new job. 
The following are various documents, practices and processes reviewed during this audit.
Job bidding process
Advertising or other recruitment methods
     Language in ads

     How are these completed
     Discriminatory questions
     Information regarding applicable testing
     Appropriate disclaimers
Job descriptions
     Classification and status
     Essential job functions
     Physical/mental requirements
     Job environment
     Discriminatory questions
     Job-related testing
     Rating sheets

Background Checks
     Applicable requirements
Pre-placement physicals
     When performed
     Non-discriminatory basis
     Drug testing
I-9 process
     Properly completed
     Appropriate documentation reviewed
New-hire forms
     Tax forms
     Required pamphlets
     Other forms required by the employer
     Other forms to be completed by the employer (e.g., DE 34)
     General safety training
     Specific job training
Introduction to the workplace
     Meeting with supervisor
     Tour of the facility
     Other information specific to the particular industry, facility or job
New Employee Files
     Appropriate signed documents